Tilos is located between Nisyros and Halki. This mountainous island has an irregular shape and a unique shoreline where deep bays alternate with small peninsulas and beaches that can be found hidden between steep cliffs. Big parts of the island are covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation. Also, there are fertile valleys with citrus and vegetables that go all the way to the largest bays of the island; a rare element for an Aegean island of this size. Tilos has natural water springs, but also a small artificial lake. These two combined can cover the needs of residents and crops.

Tilos is an island with rich culture and interesting history. Archaeologists have discovered paleontological findings, ancient and Byzantine monuments, medieval castles, churches and monasteries. Its inhabitants are mainly occupied with fishing, farming of the land and animal husbandry. Tourism is gradually being developed on the island. Megalo Chorio is the picturesque capital of the island while the second developed community is Livadia at the port. The fishing village of Agios Antonios on the north coast and Eristos, the most beautiful beach in the south of the island are famous with visitors and have a developed touristic infrastructure. If you travel to Tilos, make sure you visit  Mikro Horio, a ghost village which has been abandoned for decades. The remains of the stone houses create a uniquely enchanting atmosphere.

Even though it is quite far away from the mainland of Greece, whoever visits the island will enjoy a unique holiday in a cozy and beautiful place. Tillos will offer you tranquility, mesmerizing dives in clear waters, delicious food, a view of magnificent landscapes and friendly locals to welcome you in their picturesque villages.

How to get there:

  • From the port of Piraeus, the routes are not regular though and the trip lasts about 16 hours.
  • Alternatively, you can go to Rhodes or Kos and then take the ferry to Tilos. The trip lasts approximately 30 minutes.